If you just BELIEVE…

Today the world witnessed a beautiful coming together of two souls, Harry and Meghan. This was also such a wonderful time for young girls all around the world to see that dreams can can come true, to young girls of every color, every background. Dreams can come true!

What Harry and Meghan have done is set the path for the future. What a beautiful day to believe in yourself, believe anything is possible and to believe for young ladies all over the world that they can truly become a princess!

Good afternoon…..

When you see that cup of coffee!

In my travels I am very fortunate to come across many different things. However, there is something about a relatable cup of coffee that you just cannot compare to others.

Getting ready to leave Detroit today and saw a Tim Horton’s and just had to stop. I remember enjoying Tim Hortons from way back when I traveled to Montreal and Niagara on the Lake!

Had to get me a cup! Still reliable, still fresh, still so very good! You need to try Tim Hortons

Good afternoon……..

Are YOU your authentic self?

So often, too often we see others desperately trying to be perceived or viewed as something we truly know they are not. Why? Is the need to be looked at as something other than your true self that great to you? Or, even better are you afraid your vulnerable self may show some self conceived level of weakness? Ridiculous, in the age of social media it is easier than ever to brand yourself as something you are truly not. Hell someone may be reading this and be thinking what the hell is Eddie talking about now. What I can tell you is that I am me, always have been, always will be. The good, the bad, the ugly. I see first handedly those of you (no name dropping as there is no need) but I see you coming at me with your BS and judgement, go ahead, you think you get me, hell you have no idea. You may push my limits but it’s all good, make no mistake we see you!

I take an absolute level of pride in my authentic self, look back think for a minute I have never changed. Authenticity is vital, it allows me to breath, to sleep with clear conscious, to live life.

So the question again, are YOU your authentic self?

……..Good evening