Monday morning reflection

I find a quiet walk allows me the time to reflect. To me reflection enables me to let my vulnerability out, to tap into sensitive areas and sort them out.

I was speaking with a friend recently who said she rights down everyday something she is grateful for, when I heard this I was like ok, but really? Then I started thinking about it, maybe acknowledging what I am grateful for, even one thing at a time will allow me to tap into something greater.

When I think about being thankful the first thing that comes to mind is my daughter, to this minute I am thankful to have her in my life, to see her grow, achieve, and find her own sense of belonging.

This makes me so thankful. I often tell people I don’t know why I was so blessed with a daughter like mine because I don’t feel I deserved it. She makes my heart smile.

This morning on my walk I took the below photo and I just stopped and allowed myself to take it all in. My journey is not new, not unheard of, but for me and me alone I will begin to tap into the things I am thankful for.

Key West 2022