Believe me I get it…

We often don’t speak of the word depression until it is brought to the forefront by celebrities.

Celebrities who themselves find no other recourse but to end their journey here in an attempt to ease there pains.

We each have at times very rocky terrain in which are lives travel over, some of us are stronger than others, some of us aren’t.

I get it, believe me I get it. These troubled times effect each of us very differently, we don’t have each other’s strength, we don’t want to hear, just let it go, get over it.

Our troubles at times are so very heavy that even the simplest smile is too heavy to muster up. Eye contact hurts because we don’t want you to see our watered troubles.

It’s not a matter of wealth, even though we often hear why would they kill them selves they were rich, they had everything, they get to travel the world!

Did they really have everything? Peace of mind, self love, self acceptance, self value and understanding. There are things even the wealthiest can not purchase.

What we would like to hear is I understand, I got you, we will get through this together. A gentle hug, we just want to weather this storm of life at times like everyone else is able to so freely.

The burden of depression is so very heavy at times, so please if we appear distant, aren’t smiling as usual, seem distant it’s not you.

But please just be there, just be there.

We are more alike than unalike.

Good morning……….

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