London calling

Time does seem to go fast when you stop for a while and look back on your journey.

It was only four years ago that I was turning the big 50, excited about waking up in London, England and spending time exploring. What was a ‘bucket list’ wish turned into a milestone celebration thanks to my husband.

He planned everything to make sure the trip was everything I could have ever imagined it would be. It’s an interesting thing, life that is when you have a chance to share it with someone you love.

When you are living your authentic life with someone who has captured your soul.

Four years this very month, our birthday month that we share, makes us feel very happy. To awaken in London, just the two of us, no real agenda, only one thing scheduled was weirdly refreshing indeed.

The saying ‘love is love’ runs through my mind because what I have learned is that when you are living your authentic life with someone who has captured your soul, every day becomes easier and easier. Exploring the streets of London was even more magical as we learned and discovered the doings of our favorite place.

There are so many memories, and too many photos, but we couldn’t be happier with our time there. If I had to pull down two things that stand out the most from our journey it would be our evening at Royal Albert Hall [] simply amazing and I would strongly recommend it once travel and activities are able to resume. The other is our tour of Buckingham Palace [], yes call me a typical tourist but I could not even think about missing the majesty of it call.

As an American I have always been simply fascinated with the royals, it is such a far removed life that I wanted to simply see a glimpse of it for myself. As we walked from room to room it’s overwhelming in a sense to see within their world, even if just a minimal view.

Looking at something you’ve always wanted to see with the one you love, gratitude at its finest.

What I have grown to understand as I get older is the feeling of gratitude. Life is hard make no mistake about it. Each of us deals with our own challenges and demons, regardless of the words we type or the photos we post. However, gratitude when you allow it in can sooth the immediate aches. Standing in front of Buckingham Palace, looking at something you’ve always wanted to see with the one you love, gratitude at its finest.

Now, four years later at the start of a new year and we as a people are trying are best to capture, contain, and ultimately eliminate a disease that has taken too many lives, we wait. We wait to simply resume our lives, to move past the pause button that has been engaged for all of us, we wait. To explore, to familiar and unfamiliar faces and places, to recapture memories and make new ones, until then, we wait.

London you captured our hearts , your beautiful country, your amazing people, everything about you, you’ve captured us. Until we can visit you again.

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