It’s been forever it feels like since I have visited my own site.

Not even sure where to begin, the days and weeks seem to be flying by as if you were sitting at a window seat of a speeding train.

Still working from home with no plans of returning to the office. This alone causes a varying mixture of emotions. I miss my co-workers each and everyone of them. The energy, the laughter, just hearing the voices of others in person quite honestly.

It’s funny too think back to 2019 when I wanted to work from home because the noise in the office was at times too much. Geez how I regret even thinking that right now. Actually just thinking back to 2019 makes it feel like a lifetime ago, the world was a different place, our lives were different, so very different.

The landscape has changed and our resilience as shown that we are adaptable, stronger then we realize, and ultimately are survivors.

What I have learned for self is too appreciate the moment, value what is important, let go of the foolishness and take deep breaths as needed.

This journey we have been placed in, although appearing to impact each of us as a whole, is really our own. What we do to maintain is ours and ours alone, whether it’s exercise, eating healthy, or reading a good book it’s ours and ours alone.

Try to smile more, make eye contact, lean in and listen. We all want to be heard, be seen, be valued.

Be a good human.

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