Célébrez la France

In Key West getting ready to bring our vacation to a close and we decided to try someplace we had never tried.

Banana Cafe on Duval was this place for us this evening. We walked two blocks down and were seated inside by Michael and then our French Cuisine journey began.

We began with a beautiful charcuterie board while we awaited our meals. I dined on a stuffed pork chopped (goat cheese, bacon, and spinach) and Steve dined on a Shrimp Crepe. The photo collage does not do justice to the taste and actual presentation of the meal.

For desert (believe it or not something we normally don’t have) I had La Danny Crepe and Steve had a Flourless Chocolate Tart with an expresso. Let me say this au-delà délicieux!

The atmosphere is warm and reminiscent of a French Cafe, right here in Key West. It’s a beautiful spot we will visit again.

As we were leaving and I looked back there is a cute bench that happen to have a hen and her young sitting there just enjoying the day! Great visit highly recommend.

Key West…..

We all have our space where we can go to relax for us it’s Key West, Florida.

This time we drive in from Miami which was a first for us, and the ride wasn’t that bad. I will say it was air conditioning weather and we kept the top on the Jeep we rented.

Coming back to the Keys is liking coming home to family. This is a place where you can truly unwind and let your hair down.

Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse…

Today we visited Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse in the beautiful town of Travelers Rest, SC for something new. Never having been to Tandem all we knew was that they made crepes. From the moment we walked in we knew this was going to be good! The environment is light, open, and welcoming. They had a gentleman playing guitar and the feeling you get is like arriving home; comforting.

The young lady behind the counter (Jo) was so very kind and suggested the Cinnamon Roll, cinnamon sugar, pecans, and vanilla bean icing. Amazingly tasty, light, and keeping you wanting more. We enjoyed these crepes with there house coffee, a perfect compliment.

Jo checked on us to make sure we were ok and that gave us such a sense of welcoming into there home.

So highly recommend Tandem Creperie & Coffee House on your next travel through downtown Travelers Rest.

Tap into your happy..

Each of us has dreams of a journey, an adventure we want to take.

Follow your inner happy, your inner desire, your inner want to!

If we have learned nothing it is that life is too short, we need now to begin tapping into our happy.

Take that unknown road, play that song really loud! Dance to that song! Buy those shoes! Walk that bridge!

Make your happy!

Good morning……