Your greatest asset..

Let me ask this question..

what is your greatest asset?

In the work space it’s the people, the people are the greatest asset in any organization.

I have been fortunate enough, let me say this again…fortunate enough to work for an organization in which I feel like one of their greatest assets.

It is so very important to be able to see the bigger picture, the long term, the potential.

It’s not always easy, I would be foolish to say it was, however if you allow your self to see the bigger picture, the long term, the potential…YOUR POTENTIAL it could be magical.

Let them see you, let them see what you are truly capable of, let them see what your abilities truly are.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU TRULY HAVE A PASSION TO DO…..believe me I know this first handedly as I can honestly say I love what I do.

I believe in you, I believe in your abilities whether tapped into or not, I believe in you.

Smile….Make Eye Contact…Lean In…Listen…Get it done!

Good evening my friends


I am a strong believer in the fact that we can do anything we put our mind to. We are capable of great tasks, honest emotion, compassion, and hard work.

It all begins with a simple word YES.. can do it! can be anything you want

YES..we can help you

YES..I hear you and understand your needs

YES..we are with you

So think about this for a moment, by starting with a yes YOU can change things.


Good morning……

Great & Noble

I am limited on my words right now as I read this quote by Helen Keller.

We all wish to make an amazing impact, to make a difference that is bigger than we are, we all have this capability within us.

Humble……each day I find I am humbled by the reaction I get from those I am able to help, be it with humor, direction, or guidance I am humbled.


Good morning…..

Continued milestones….

I am reminded today as we closed a two day training session and celebrated our success this evening of yet another humbling accomplishment I have achieved.

This professional journey has given me so many amazing opportunities to work amongst visionaries. These individuals stand by stand and hold each other up, nurture each other’s strengths, and encourage each other through temporary trails.

Wonderful and refreshing, forwarding thinking and authentic…..

Good evening……

Team Work…

We all have our first, today was a first for me and I could not be more proud of the team that I got to experience this with.

Today I was afforded the opportunity to present to one of our interns teams Presentation Advantage fr Franklin Covey. Never having done this material prior I was nervous. However, the team I presented to was so full of positive energy and so receptive to the material it wiped away any nerves or apprehensions I may have had.

At Henry Schein we are a team, we do it together side by side helping and holding each other up. So very proud!

Thank you team for allowing me to have this experience with you!

Good evening…..