Fathers Day

Father’s Day has always been a bittersweet day, my dad was taken from my brother and I when I was five years old.

I often even to this day think of the what if’s, he had lived, more siblings, my entire being. What I will say is that you learn, you learn to use humor in place of sorrow, use humor in place of insecurity.

Growing up without a dad was hard, beyond hard quite honestly, exhaustingly hard.

People who know me know I am honest and I don’t lie, not for myself and certainly not for anyone else. At 51 years old I reflect every Father’s Day on those who stepped up and stepped in to a role they did not ask for.

This is not centric to the male influencers in my life but to everyone, who bravely saw someone who needed protection and guidance.

The people who come to mind immediately are my Aunt Margaret who is right from the heavens above and always makes me feel protected, validated, valued and part of the family. My Uncle Eric who is lucky enough to have married my aunt and always, ALWAYS treated me as one of his own. My Aunt Rosetta who is in heaven with my father who always made me feel as crazy and ferocious as she was, dam I miss her so very much. My grandparents who reminded me all the time of my father and what we are about. My Uncle Larry who to this day I try to emulate, when you have an uncle who has just set the tone all you can do is try your best to fill those shoes.

Now, there are many others of course, like Uncle Joe, he and Aunt Jean we such a vital part to our up bringing I consider to this day Elaine, Lolly, and Charlie my actual siblings.

So what is the point I am trying to make with this long worded post. Fathers come in all shapes, ages, and genders. It’s the act of being their, being vested in the well being of someone who needs a loving hug, a loving glance, a loving note of support.

So, thank you for those who followed their hearts and stepped in for my dear brother Joseph and I when they saw we needed someone. We would not be the men we are today and love our children the way we do without your influence.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 😌

Authenticity v. Approval

I absolutely love the word authentic, it is a testament of how I carry myself, live my life, and treat others.

When it comes down to it and you place authenticity against approval, I will always side with being my authentic self.

People appreciate when you are genuine, when you laugh, smile, and admit you just don’t know.

You may think you know, you don’t! What I am is what you get, simply as that.

Good evening….

Continued milestones….

I am reminded today as we closed a two day training session and celebrated our success this evening of yet another humbling accomplishment I have achieved.

This professional journey has given me so many amazing opportunities to work amongst visionaries. These individuals stand by stand and hold each other up, nurture each other’s strengths, and encourage each other through temporary trails.

Wonderful and refreshing, forwarding thinking and authentic…..

Good evening……

Team Work…

We all have our first, today was a first for me and I could not be more proud of the team that I got to experience this with.

Today I was afforded the opportunity to present to one of our interns teams Presentation Advantage fr Franklin Covey. Never having done this material prior I was nervous. However, the team I presented to was so full of positive energy and so receptive to the material it wiped away any nerves or apprehensions I may have had.

At Henry Schein we are a team, we do it together side by side helping and holding each other up. So very proud!

Thank you team for allowing me to have this experience with you!

Good evening…..