Tap into your happy..

Each of us has dreams of a journey, an adventure we want to take.

Follow your inner happy, your inner desire, your inner want to!

If we have learned nothing it is that life is too short, we need now to begin tapping into our happy.

Take that unknown road, play that song really loud! Dance to that song! Buy those shoes! Walk that bridge!

Make your happy!

Good morning……

CoCo The Dane

This past summer I found the strength to pursue the idea of getting a second Great Dane. My first Great Dane who’s name was Penny lived to be 11 years old and left such an impact on my life I did not think I could ever own another. Honestly, I did not ever think I could love another Dane like I did my Penny. Then I came across a page on Facebook; Maverick Danes that would touch my heart. I started by following there page and visiting there site, it was destiny. I reached out to Natasha who is the very essence of Maverick Danes and thus my journey began. I was so nervous and yet excited about the idea of bringing another Great Dane into our home. We did it, we opened our love and home to our new pup who we named CoCo. These last months have rekindled something within me that had been suppressed when my beloved Penny left us. There is something truly magical about Great Danes that is heart warming.

Thank you Natasha for bringing this renewed love back to me with my beautiful CoCo.