Sunday thoughts..

Please don’t let others decide your path for you. We often listen to those nay sayers who are often too quick with a negative comment, first to share a negative thought.

You, them, and I can do anything we wish to do! We are able in most circumstances to drive our own path, make our own journey.

Don’t let those words of doubt in, don’t let another’s “give up” have impact on you.

You, they, and I are our own drives, our own path makers. The tour leader of our own journey.

You will, they will. I will….

Just watch…

Good evening…

Taking that first step…

How often do we see opportunity but then second guess ourselves?

How often are you presented with a chance for improvement but then question your own ability?

Taking that first step can be nerve wracking for some, they want to see the “whole” staircase but quite often we don’t, so we stop.

We need to remember we begin, we start with simply taking that first step.

All you need is that first foot forward, you can do it, take that first step.

You will be surprised at where your journey can take you. You have it in you, come on now you can do it.

Take that first step!

Good morning…


I am a strong believer in the fact that we can do anything we put our mind to. We are capable of great tasks, honest emotion, compassion, and hard work.

It all begins with a simple word YES.. can do it! can be anything you want

YES..we can help you

YES..I hear you and understand your needs

YES..we are with you

So think about this for a moment, by starting with a yes YOU can change things.


Good morning……


We take pride in what we do…right?

If we didn’t enjoy it or get some level of gratification from it we would not put our sweat into it the way we have been.

Being lucky enough to find your niche is an amazing feeling, I know this for myself! However, even I am guilty of self interruptions, self guessing, being over critical.

We have to learn how to listen, listen without interruption and let our work speak for itself.

We know what we are capable of, they know what we are capable of. Your results are evident. Don’t interrupt, let your work be your spokesperson.

Good afternoon…

Great & Noble

I am limited on my words right now as I read this quote by Helen Keller.

We all wish to make an amazing impact, to make a difference that is bigger than we are, we all have this capability within us.

Humble……each day I find I am humbled by the reaction I get from those I am able to help, be it with humor, direction, or guidance I am humbled.


Good morning…..

Let that light in

Yes indeed we have cracks, we have imperfections, we are broken.

Yes we all have that chance to let the light in, everyday that light comes in through your cracks, your imperfections, what has left you broken.

That light that makes its way in is your opportunity to start anew. To embrace a new day, a new chance, a new path. This light is for you, it’s for me, it’s for all of us!


Good morning sunshine……

Understanding your mission

You sit back and think at times of that thing you do that has impact on others.

You make them laugh.

You make them reflect.

You make them realize they have the potential for greatness.

You make them feel included.

My mission in life is simple; be a great dad, a loving partner, a reliable shoulder, a cheerleader to anyone who needs it.

To have compassion, be passionate, and make them laugh! I mean that hard laugh that comes from your soul and makes you tear up, laugh laugh laugh!

My mission…..good evening