Is there ever a time when you don’t reflect, think back to other times, lost adventure, the what if’s?

I am not sure if it is an age thing, I am 51 and at a point where I am now seeing things through different lenses. I don’t miss some things and part of my reflection process clearly reminds me of that; for example going out every evening to the clubs.

It could also be that my daughter had done her first college visit and life it self is getting very real. My emotions are all over the place right now, but I know it will all balance, or at least I hope so.

When your 51 do you start thinking about the rest of your life? Am I being over worried for no reason? I have no idea, but there is a part of me that feels like I need to get stuff done already, travel, check off that bucket list.

I am going to start journaling more as it actually helps my anxiety a bit.


Célébrez la France

In Key West getting ready to bring our vacation to a close and we decided to try someplace we had never tried.

Banana Cafe on Duval was this place for us this evening. We walked two blocks down and were seated inside by Michael and then our French Cuisine journey began.

We began with a beautiful charcuterie board while we awaited our meals. I dined on a stuffed pork chopped (goat cheese, bacon, and spinach) and Steve dined on a Shrimp Crepe. The photo collage does not do justice to the taste and actual presentation of the meal.

For desert (believe it or not something we normally don’t have) I had La Danny Crepe and Steve had a Flourless Chocolate Tart with an expresso. Let me say this au-delà délicieux!

The atmosphere is warm and reminiscent of a French Cafe, right here in Key West. It’s a beautiful spot we will visit again.

As we were leaving and I looked back there is a cute bench that happen to have a hen and her young sitting there just enjoying the day! Great visit highly recommend.

Key West…..

We all have our space where we can go to relax for us it’s Key West, Florida.

This time we drive in from Miami which was a first for us, and the ride wasn’t that bad. I will say it was air conditioning weather and we kept the top on the Jeep we rented.

Coming back to the Keys is liking coming home to family. This is a place where you can truly unwind and let your hair down.

A pretty place…..

Of late I find myself looking through photos I have taken to remind me of the pretty places I have been.

I have been fortunate to have traveled around to some places and see some beautiful things.

Now more then ever I need to remind myself of the pretty places I have been, the pretty things I have seen.

Lucky yes, I make no bones about it, heavy hearted YES.

I say that because right now there are some heavy things going on, we see the images, we hear the cries, we ask ourselves why.

I don’t have answers, I simply don’t, I am a man who wears my emotions on my sleeve (to a fault), I am a dad who who is over protective of his daughter (there is never enough protection for your child in my book), I am a partner/husband/confidant to an amazing man.

So I turn to my photos at times to remind me of the pretty places to ease my nerves, to try and calm my emotions, to reassure my daughter and partner.

The photo below is taken at a place in South Carolina called A pretty place

Smile when it hurts, hug when you need, be thankful for everything…..morning 😌