Sometimes we think it takes something more than we actually have to give. Nope, sometimes all it takes is a smile, it’s a simple act, limitless, and cost nothing!

The payoff? Acknowledgement of others, a non verbal “hello”, “I get it”, “We got this”… a smile is so easily done, a contagious act of kindness.

So try action, give this gift, it truly is a beautiful things.

Good morning….


Are you dangerous?

I have said this over and over again, especially of late! Listen….let me say it again LISTEN. Think, before you speak, before you react, before you do it! THINK. Lastly and most importantly OBSERVE what is going on, what they are doing, what reactions they are getting.

Three simple steps; Listen, Think, and Observe make this a part of your daily regiment, incorporate this into everything you do.

Be that dangerous!

#Listen #Think #Observe #BruceLee

Good evening….

You create it yourself

The word circumstances is often used as a cop out! It’s very comfortable to simply blame it on “circumstances”, nah too easy!

Create your opportunities, carve your own path, create your success! You can do it, we know you can, YOU know you can!

So like Bruce Lee said “to hell with circumstances I create opportunities”

Tomorrow is a new opportunity to be creative!

Good evening…


Sunday thoughts..

Please don’t let others decide your path for you. We often listen to those nay sayers who are often too quick with a negative comment, first to share a negative thought.

You, them, and I can do anything we wish to do! We are able in most circumstances to drive our own path, make our own journey.

Don’t let those words of doubt in, don’t let another’s “give up” have impact on you.

You, they, and I are our own drives, our own path makers. The tour leader of our own journey.

You will, they will. I will….

Just watch…

Good evening…

Taking that first step…

How often do we see opportunity but then second guess ourselves?

How often are you presented with a chance for improvement but then question your own ability?

Taking that first step can be nerve wracking for some, they want to see the “whole” staircase but quite often we don’t, so we stop.

We need to remember we begin, we start with simply taking that first step.

All you need is that first foot forward, you can do it, take that first step.

You will be surprised at where your journey can take you. You have it in you, come on now you can do it.

Take that first step!

Good morning…