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Page or Not?

A bit confused as to whether or not I should convert my profile on FB to a page? Thoughts?

Continue to grow…always!

Interesting statement right? Saw this on Pinterest and thought well hell we have to don’t we?

But do we, do we grow through what we go through? I have mixed feelings with this right now.

Instinctively I know we do, you know that old “lesson learned” and “fool me once” none sense but yet how often do we circle right back and do the same shit over again? and maybe again after that.

We grow, you grow, I have grown, especially this last year, and we try our best to pull from our experiences of growth the lessons learned both good and bad.

You grow!

You learn to maybe not post that even though it’s your own dam opinion just because it’s not worth the backlash from some and they mean more to you in end.

You learn to keep your eyes on the prize and maybe just maybe after all these years you will be recognized for doing what truly does inspire you.

You learn to be more observant and watch, listen, and think before reacting in anyway.

You learn to appreciate and be thankful for every opportunity presented, you learn to be humbled and gracious.

You learn a smile can speak volumes, eye contact can provide encouragement, a lean in shows you are truly hearing them, hearing there message.

You learn…you grow through what you go through….indeed.

Good afternoon….

Sometimes we think it takes something more than we actually have to give. Nope, sometimes all it takes is a smile, it’s a simple act, limitless, and cost nothing!

The payoff? Acknowledgement of others, a non verbal “hello”, “I get it”, “We got this”… a smile is so easily done, a contagious act of kindness.

So try action, give this gift, it truly is a beautiful things.

Good morning….


Do you see it?

Each morning we when we awake we are provided that opportunity;

~To make a difference

~To make someone’s day

~To do something for yourself

~To tab into your potential

Do you see it? Look….it’s there, do you see it!

Good morning….

Are you dangerous?

I have said this over and over again, especially of late! Listen….let me say it again LISTEN. Think, before you speak, before you react, before you do it! THINK. Lastly and most importantly OBSERVE what is going on, what they are doing, what reactions they are getting.

Three simple steps; Listen, Think, and Observe make this a part of your daily regiment, incorporate this into everything you do.

Be that dangerous!

#Listen #Think #Observe #BruceLee

Good evening….

You create it yourself

The word circumstances is often used as a cop out! It’s very comfortable to simply blame it on “circumstances”, nah too easy!

Create your opportunities, carve your own path, create your success! You can do it, we know you can, YOU know you can!

So like Bruce Lee said “to hell with circumstances I create opportunities”

Tomorrow is a new opportunity to be creative!

Good evening…


Monday morning meal suggestion…

Good morning

You hungry? You ready to get out there?

You have your plan ready?

What’s on your menu this Monday morning?

Feed your focus!

Enjoy the meal….