Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse…

Today we visited Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse in the beautiful town of Travelers Rest, SC for something new. Never having been to Tandem all we knew was that they made crepes. From the moment we walked in we knew this was going to be good! The environment is light, open, and welcoming. They had a gentleman playing guitar and the feeling you get is like arriving home; comforting.

The young lady behind the counter (Jo) was so very kind and suggested the Cinnamon Roll, cinnamon sugar, pecans, and vanilla bean icing. Amazingly tasty, light, and keeping you wanting more. We enjoyed these crepes with there house coffee, a perfect compliment.

Jo checked on us to make sure we were ok and that gave us such a sense of welcoming into there home.

So highly recommend Tandem Creperie & Coffee House on your next travel through downtown Travelers Rest.

Tap into your happy..

Each of us has dreams of a journey, an adventure we want to take.

Follow your inner happy, your inner desire, your inner want to!

If we have learned nothing it is that life is too short, we need now to begin tapping into our happy.

Take that unknown road, play that song really loud! Dance to that song! Buy those shoes! Walk that bridge!

Make your happy!

Good morning……

Lunch in Hendersonville, NC

Yesterday my love and I took a ride to beautiful Hendersonville, NC on the spur of the moment.

I was in awe at how it has changed since the last time we were there. So many great little shops it’s just lovely.

We decided to have a light lunch so we stopped at Mezzaluna Brick Oven Tap House and from the moment we walked in we knew it was going to be good. The atmosphere is the first thing that caught our eye, it beautiful and rustic and the colors are rich and warm. I immediately started taking photos. We shared a crispy prosciutto flatbread that was prepared nicely and hit the spot.

The staff is attentive and aware you are there. I will say they bring out these rolls with both regular and pesto butter and it’s a must, it’s almost worth just having that. Would we go back; yes. They have a beautiful bar with a large selection of spirits. Worth a trip to Hendersonville.

MEZZALUNA Brick Oven Tap House