Balancing Act…

It’s Thursday evening and I can’t help but wonder about the balancing act of life now days. I can recall a time when people where using the phrase work/life balance, the wonderful idea of having both a personal life and professional life that are in an equal and rewarding balance. Are they still using this […]

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As we leave January behind and we prepare to enter February one simple act, one simple thought, one simple word; THINK. T-is it true H-is it helpful I-is it inspiring N-is it necessary K-is it kind We must hold ourselves to a higher level of regard, and respect not only for ourselves but for others […]

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Sunday Reflections

What we do for self care is so very important to our own mental health. With everything going on right now, I can only speak for myself but my anxieties are at an all time high. What I am realizing is that the whole stay at home in isolation thing is beginning to make it […]

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